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As a whole, the Militia doesnít have very many rules. Weíve been pretty open and relaxed with how things were run. Unfortunately, you will always have idiots. Yes. You know the kind of people Iím talking about.

Not Quite Right

So for people like the ones pictured above, we set down a set of rules to govern conduct and a little order in the unit. Thank the idiots for that. Say it with me ďThanks idiots for making Togo do more work.Ē


We have rules that govern conduct and some rules that govern how our unit is ran. So simple, even THIS guy could follow Ďem-

Da Rulez uv Conduct

Donít be an idiot.

Now let me elaborate. What makes you an idiot-

  • If you are the person who ruins another peopleís good time
  • If you act like you are the best fighter who has ever graced this (or any) unit with their presence
  • If you cheat
  • If you steal other peoples things
  • If you sit around and make fun of everyone else and you and one of your dumb friends are the only ones laughing because everyone else knows that you suck at the game and suck at life
  • You arenít an idiot if you make a mistake. You are an idiot if you donít learn from it
  • If you trash the field/camp and donít clean up after yourself
  • If you start a fight with someone over a game
  • If you canít get along with other people from the unit
  • If you bring your little girlfriend or boyfriend to practice and just either sit around and watch, make out, or start little pre-school arguments with themÖ you are like a super-hero idiot
We here at the MilitiaÖ. HATE idiots. So donít be one!

In all seriousness now-

  1. Get along with your fellow Militiamen and treat Ďem with respect - Everyone is different so get used to it. If you canít get along with someone, chances are you havenít been in that long and guess what, THEY are worth more to us than you are. If you HAVE been in the unit for that long and you canít get along with someone, you done screwed up son.
  2. Donít have an ego- simple as that, if you think and say that you are the best fighter in the gameÖ.. wellÖ. you arenít. If your whole existence revolves around making fun of other people, chances are you are the biggest jackass and the only one who doesnít know it is you.
  3. Donít you dare cheat- thereís nothing we hate more than people who blow off shots. If you are marked as a cheater, no group ANYWHERE will respect you.
  4. Donít steal.
  5. Clean up after yourself- At practice and at events. If you want to throw garbage everywhere at Ragnarok, we will throw your tent in the dumpster so you can live in your element.
  6. Have fun and donít ruin someone elseís- The whole point is to have a good time, but if your good time is affecting another personís good time, then we have a problem.
Any of the above violated will have consequences ranging from loss of rank, to getting dropped/suspended from the unit.

Militia Law

  • Infantry, Sergeants, Veterans, and the Captain have a say in how the unit is run. If you got an idea, voice it.
  • A recruit has no responsibility; therefore he has no rights to how we are run
  • The Captain holds the ultimate decision on anything involving the Militia unless stated otherwise
  • Everyone in the Militia serves a purpose, even our non-combatants, so donít ask if your girlfriend can be part of the Militia ďJust CuzĒ
  • If a member leaves the Militia, it is a case by case basis that you will be allowed back in if you want to; this is to stop people from jumping back and forth from one group to another. I hate that. The veterans hate that. Everyone hates that.
  • All Militia Laws are formed and approved by every member in the unit
Simple as that. For information on individual responsibility see the Structure page.