Want to join the Militia ranks?

There could be a division near you!
Please contact a division leader to find out how to join!

Division 1 (Tecumseh, Clinton, Saline, MI)

Contact Togo at oalaf_daghir@yahoo.com or
Contact Jester at jester_da_orkalope@hotmail.com

Division 2 (Columbus, OH)

Contact Sgt. Kiff Skitterz at stinkeywoz@hotmail.com

Division 3 (Coquitlam, BC, CA)

Contact Tulloran at tulloran@hotmail.com

Division 4 (Marion, IA)

Contact Delerium Simian at bruiser2002@hotmail.com

Division 7 (Hazard, KY)

Contact Crix Tel'Jesen at jcollins321@yahoo.com
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