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The History of the Militia

In the beginning, there was only good. Man ruled the world of Dagorhir and Elves followed close. Orks were few and far between, with the exception of groups like the Horde. Sure they had their moments; but they, like all others, were crushed time and time again in the fires of combat.

They were ridiculed.

They were scattered.

They were weak.

In 1999 a unit was formed in the defense of the leading realm in the state of Michigan, The Northlands. This was our birth. Fighting under a black banner bearing a red north star our unit, called the Northlands Militia at the time sealed the border against all enemies. We trained constantly for our chance to put our name on the map. But we were young... and weak. A rebellion split the unit in half, us, the supporters of the Militia and Northlands’ ideals on one side, the rebels under the name “Ogmios” on the other. Ogmios was larger, 3 to 1 at times. But they were destroyed. Thus came our first victory.

Heroes rose in the Northlands Militia. Togo (Thorith at the time) created the Northlands Militia and handed the field leadership to GorrkK (Dergrene at the time). Together with the other founders (Helter, Slarin, and Oracle) we lead the Northlands Militia through a year or so of expansion; through Ragnarok 16 and 17. Others joined as well; Rezelin, Julius, Hotpants, and the Jester. Then came the Northlands Crown War. After Uli, the king of the Northlands lost his position, the Northlands Militia fell into disarray, this was our dark age. Togo is the only original founder remaining to this day.

From the rubble of the collapse, we started anew. We purged the weak and disloyal. This started the status of veteran, a fighter with superior leadership skill, combat skill, willingness to teach new infantry, and above all, unwavering loyalty to the unit. We were no longer the Northlands Militia, but The Militia. Keeping the colors of red and black the symbol changed to that of a red skull, symbolizing our brutality, lack of mercy, and severe lack of self preservation. In the Militia, you are not an individual, you are part of something greater than yourself. You’re already dead. Your body just hasn’t caught on to the fact yet. This is why we are orks.

That is the oldest tradition of the Militia. Fight until death, and have a GREAT time doing it. Good had it coming.

Men iz weak.

Elves iz weaker.

Green iz best.
Orkz never looz.