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The Structure of the Militia is simple. Thereís the leader (Captain) and Infantry. Infantry is comprised of Recruit, Infantry, and Veteran/Sergeant. The Militia as a whole is split into several Divisions. Each Division is based in a different area, be that by city, state, etc.


There are no true ranks though it may seem otherwise.


A recruit is anyone who joins the unit who is brand new to the game or brand new to the way The Militia runs. Your responsibility as a recruit is simple, you have no responsibilities. This is where you are taught the basics of Dagorhir (the rules, weapon making, garb making, etc.). After a certain amount of time (to be determined on a case by case basis) you will be moved to the status of Infantry.


After you have learned the basics of Dagorhir and are ready to be part of our unit. You are upgraded to the status of Infantry. Here is where the majority of our members sit. To be infantry is to be the embodiment of the Militia.

As an Infantryman, you will be assigned to a Division and placed under a Veteran/Sergeant or another able Infantryman to learn the basics of fighting individually and with the unit. In most cases, the person who brings you in will be the one to train you unless they are too inexperienced or there is someone else in the unit that caters to YOUR abilities. Your immediate responsibility is to learn as much as you can, ask questions (LOTS OF EM), and have fun doing it. This is where you develop your persona, fighting style, garb, weapons and armor. Keep in mind our symbol is a red skull, and the skull must be displayed somewhere on your garb, armor, or shield. The Militiasí colors are black and red, but you donít have to make your garb those colors. Just keep it evil. Each infantryman will be expected eventually to have and maintain their own garb, weapons, and armor. Donít go for the bare minimum in garb and weapons either. We take pride in our equipment and so should you. Besides, thereís nothing intimidating about a kid running around in ripped up sweat pants and t-shirt. That just wonít cut it.

The main difference between recruit and infantry is that as an Infantryman, youíre in. You are the backbone of the unit. Every member of the Militia has a say in how it runs and development of new tactics. Diversity of thought is what makes this unit what it is. Every member of the Militia is treated the same. Show respect for your fellow fighter and everyone will do the same.

After you have learned how to fight and get spun up on how every thing works, your responsibility is to go off on your own and develop your fighting skill. Talk to other people in the unit and other people in the game. Weíve got some of the meanest fighters in Dagorhir so learn what you can! And once again, have fun doing it. Thatís what this game is all about.


Though they are grouped together there is a big difference between Sergeant and Veteran. A Sergeant is an Infantryman who either starts a division of the unit or is assigned as one during events to give secondary command authority on the field. A sergeant takes command if the Captain, or whoever is in charge, gets killed. As a division sergeant you take charge of your division, carry out practices in your area, and regulate recruitment and training. Other than that a Sergeant has no more power in the Militia than any other infantryman. Keep in mind, any infantryman can be placed in command as a sergeant at any time.

A Veteran is the grey area. Itís not so much a rank, but more of a status. The Veterans are the elite of the unit. Theyíve been to many events, can teach anyone to use just about any weapon, know how to fight with just about anything and are huge threats on the field. Youíll know them when you see them. The grey area is there is no guideline as to how you become one. Becoming a Veteran is just something that happens to a select few. Each Veteran in the group has earned their status in different ways. This should not have to be the goal of every infantryman. Just do what you do and maybe you will get it. Everyone has the potential. Veterans are only established by the Captain.


The Captain is the overall leader of the Militia and every aspect of the unit. Togo iz da boss aní yu iz not. You jus wury bout killin an da boss will take care uv da rest.

To be Militia iz to be wit da besí ORKZ DERE IZ!